Facilitating Authentic Retreats

“A man is but the product of his thoughts.
What he thinks, he becomes.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

          Facilitating Authentic Retreats


Our Concept

Attending retreats is increasingly becoming a regular activity for those seeking change in their lives.          It can be a wonderful way of combating not only stress and pressures of modern day living, but also a
means of rejuvenation and an opportunity to acquire and assimilate fresh thoughts and energy.
An inspirational retreat experience can manage to bring about a new way of thinking for many. It
is this opening up to new thoughts and changed perspectives which makes the retreat
experience a success. For, as many intellectual giants have stated, we are what we think.  And
so it follows, that any positive change that we wish to see in ourselves, must stem from a new
way of thinking or expansion of consciousness.
An important and even crucial part of the retreat experience comes from the surroundings in
which it is held.  The majority of resorts and retreats today pander to creating a comfort zone for
their guests, which is akin to their comfort level back home.  While this may make a guest feel
comfortable, it may also deprive the guest of experiencing the authenticity of culture and the
nature of their new surroundings. Thus, instead of opening the guest up to experience change, it
sets them up to stay stuck in old thought patterns and they miss out on the richness of new
vibrations afforded by authentic immersion into an experience that fosters opportunities for
transformation of thought. It is the vibrations of an authentic retreat which allows for long-lasting,
effective change in a person's thought patterns. These vibrations are greatly influenced by geographical location, simplicity of surroundings and interactions with sincere and dedicated providers of services and accomodations. F.A.R. is driven to finding space that is wholesome and nurturing and provides simplicity of mind through simplicity of surroundings. Thus allowing nature and local culture to provide and provoke the mind to open up to new ways of thinking. Fostering a change in predictable patterns of thought through a change in predictable surroundings is key to supporting effective change.  This subtle change in predictability can be the first step in  a major vibrational shift of thought for those that are open to letting go of the old and allowing the new.
Towards this end F.A.R. has stepped in to be the facilitator to group leaders, yoga teachers and
true seekers, in an effort to provide authentic space for your clients to experience what you have
to offer in your efforts of assimilating lasting change. We would like to act as an enhancement to
your efforts.
FAR does not work as a travel agency, by simply helping you book a retreat, but as a facilitator
for your retreats, by offering you select authentic locations, which are pre-booked by F.A.R., to
allow for an authentic retreat experience.

We are presently promoting some very authentic retreats in India 

To go far in life, think FAR !